Artificial Intelligence delivered and integrated into your business seamlessly.

Its a Service

No machine learning required. Services ready to be implemented with little time.

Many Services Available

ability to process images, video, sound, text, understand, search and classify, along with speed up decision-making

Easy Integration

simple for developers to add AI capabilities to many of your apps and processes

AI for every business


Daptex brings quick to market and quality artificial intelligence to your business by leveraging industry-leaders in Artificial Intelligence services like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web services.  Daptex professionals deliver integration of your business applications, processes, and data with the Artificial Intelligence services offered by the big AI industry leaders. 


We do not create ML models, we leverage existing services and integrate Artificial Intelligence into your solution. The industry leaders in AI offer ready to use, highly advanced, and well trained models for public use. We are about efficiency at daptex – and using AI services allows for quality, scalable, rapid integration and deployment of AI solutions. 

What we leverage from Microsoft

What we leverage from Google

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