Example 30 Day project timeline

actual times may vary, showing average project

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Day 1
(1 day)
#1 - Onboarding Consultation
Day 2
(3 days)
#2 - Audits & Research Phase
Day 5
(3 days)
#3 - Design Phase
Day 8
(12 days)
#4 - Development & Engineering Phase
Day 20
(5 days)
#5 - Testing Phase
Day 25
(5 days)
#6 - Delivery & Launch Phase
Day 30
(nth days)
#7 - Growth Phase

Our Project Phases

#1 - Onboarding

Onboarding consultation with one of our specialist. Gain access to customer portal where you will find your onboarding questionnaire. Here you help us understand your pains, and we customize solutions to unleash growth. 

#2 - Audits

Daptex is driven by data technologies, and data is at the heart of all our solutions. We conduct audits, run reports, and complete analysis using internal, public, and 3-rd party data to help make design and strategy decisions. 

#3 - Design

Approve the design that meets your needs and requirements. Work with our specialist for both technical and visual designs. Our average designs are approved within 3 days. Time varies depending on scope, revisions, & changes.

#4 - Development

Our specialist, developers, engineers, & designers get to work on creating your custom solution. If any input is needed from your end, all communication in handled through our portal.

#5 - Testing

Once solutions are ready for testing we will make them available to you. As you conduct reviews and testing of your own, we will conduct full testing from our end as well. Changes are made and we then get ready for launching your solutions once approved.

#6 - Delivery

We transfer ownership of digital assets, provide owner guides and resources, and deploy all online solutions.

#7 - Growth

Its not over yet. Once your product is launched, we will be available to answer any questions, provide support and conduct any required maintenance for. Other than this – you just sit back and enjoy your brand new, custom built solutions. best phase. It not over yet - there is still more. We monitor and conduct regular periodic maintenance on all elements of your website, including minor design changes, bugs/edits, security, analytics, gather and share data. 

Some of the Technologies we leverage

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