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Our Mission

At Daptex we strive to provide data driven technological quality solutions that are effective and efficient in discovering business opportunity regardless of business size and/or industry.

Our Vision

Modern data driven technologies being leveraged at every business to enhance opportunity and improve growth or sustainability.

Our 5 Key Values

At Daptex we are dedicated to helping other businesses succeed. Our team of experienced professionals have years experience in enterprise and fortune 500 companies - providing solutions in line with entreprise standards. Our mission is to provide data driven technology solutions for all businesses. Resulting in discovering opportunity and business growth!
We are built on a strong foundation of data.

everything we do, internally and externally is driven by data. Data ensures that best chance to make the most effective business decisions. Data can be like magic when used correctly. We know this, we believe this, and we follow this.

We are a group of curious and constantly evolving individuals & company.

We are always looking to learn new things, grow our skills, and change direction when necessary. Many of us are "jack of all trades" in this industry - able to integrate into numerous industries and technical teams. "Adaptive" mindset is embedded into our technology, our people, our processes, and our company overall!

We look for simple and viable approaches to solve problems.

We strive to provide viable solutions that are in line with your objectives, resources, and solve your business problem in the most simple fashion. The most efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining quality and performance with each solution. To us, Powerful = impactful.

We live, breathe, and eat technology.

We are a technology company, that leverages data to drive decisions and find opportunities. Technology is where we hold our strongest experience. We are technology fanatics, hobbyists, and trained professionals. We leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

We really wanted to say EXperiment-ers!

On our front page and landing pages we have the "Ex" in Daptex listed as "Experts". We don't actually consider ourselves "experts", as we are always looking to learning and evolving our skills and knowledge. We are merely experienced professionals, "Experts" was better for SEO, and it is something we will always strive to be.

Values embedded into everything

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Adaptable Mindset, Agile Work Style

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It is in our name: D.A.P.T.E.X.

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