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Who is daptex?

Daptex is a digital marketing & data technology company. We focuses on delivering data-driven solutions driving performance & growth for your business. Our digital marketing teams deliver leading results through modern branding, top-performing websites, and other digital growth solutions. Our data technology team transforms data into decision making insights through analytics, reports, dashboards, and end to end data pipeline services. All of daptex services being with the same success formula, our values.


Today, Daptex remains a company that is dedicated to helping other businesses grow in the digital space. We focus on leveraging data and modern technologies to provide digital solutions that help businesses grow and improve business performance. Our success and the success of our clients stems from our values, the first of which is “data-driven”. 

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At Daptex we are dedicated to helping other businesses grow, compete & succeed. Our team of professionals have years of experience working on projects ranging from small business to fortune 500 enterprise solutions. We offer solutions that are in-line with enterprise corporate standards, and we make these available to all of our clients, regardless of industry or business size. Our company is dedicated to growth, for both your business and ours. We believe that a growth mindset is key to establishing solutions that are effective and future proof.
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At Daptex we are dedicated to helping other businesses succeed. Since the beginning this is what we have been about. Our team of experts have years experience with fortune 500 projects - bringing strategies and technologies in line with enterprise corporations at a fraction of the cost. Our mission is to provide data driven technology solutions for all businesses. Resulting in discovering opportunity and business growth!
Daptex History
No official Daptex yet, just consulting

As a data technology expert, founder and CEO began helping new small businesses with digital marketing solutions using data as the key. Results were great!

Sept 2015
Daptex History
Daptex Founded

Daptex officially established. With a few successful projects completed, word spread and demand for solutions slowly increased.

Nov 2017
Daptex History
Daptex Established New Partners

Daptex experiences steady growth for almost 2 years. Demand for new services increases and CEO/founder decided to strategically partner for company growth.

March 2020
Daptex History
Worldwide Covid Data Talk

Covid educates the world market on the importance & possibilities with data. Daptex is built on data solutions, we know data! Free Awareness marketing for us! 

Sept 2020
Daptex History
Daptex Undergoes Company Re-Brand

Growing clientele & demand for data technology services pushes Daptex into major restructure, reorg, and rebranding. Alignment & Efficiency improvements.

April 2021
Daptex History
Daptex Announces Online Store

Daptex plans to open its online store on April 2021, allowing current and future customers to browse solutions, compare prices, and evaluate features. 

May 2021
Daptex History
Daptex Client Portal Announced

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How we reach success?

We leverage our expertise

Daptex internally leverages the use of data technologies through analytics, automation and Ai integration. This helps us to improve  and scale everything we offer. We apply the same technical strategies throughout our client solution offerings.

We leverage our teams

Daptex team members & specialist have an eye for discovering improvements.  Combined with our deep level of experience implementing enterprise level solutions for fortune 500 companies – our team is powerful!

The perfect combo to win

We hold the perfect combination of data driven strategies and techniques, along with driven team members. Our teams enjoy finding ways to win,  for you, and with you!

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