Pros & Cons

Template Website

  • good – shorter design and development time
  • good – developed by companies that spend millions of dollars on research & testing designs
  • good – cheaper upfront cost
  • bad – not SEO friendly usually
  • bad – responsive on all devices usually
  • bad – supported from development team usually

Custom Website

  • good – optimized for your specific targeted customers, brand, and search enginees
  • good – more unique and specific to brand strategy
  • good – advanced SEO and responsive websites
  • bad – 4-8 week development usually
  • bad – more expensive
  • bad – higher risk of requiring more changes



STEP 1: Select Your Base

you select 2-3 favorite template designs from our vendors

we have partnerships and service agreements with 4 distinct vendors. Depending on your business industry and business requirements; we will grant you access to review the website template designs for selection

STEP 2: Tell Us More

together we complete our customization consultation

our specialists will reach out to schedule a “customization consultation”; here we go over the design templates example sites, clarify your design requirements, understand customizations and align branding to everything.

STEP 3: We Customize

our developers customize based on consultation

once the consultation is completed, our developers get to work creating and customizing your site. Think of it like purchasing a vehicle, you first select the model that best fits your needs, then add custom components to personalize and fit your needs even further!

The below vendor is our more general vendor, where we have access to a variety of different templates across many different industries. Please use this as an example only. Remember we have access to 4 vendors template libraries. 

Website templates are professional designed by industry leader Envato. Credits.

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